Landmark n°10. Casona Quezada

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Landmark n°10. Casona Quezada

Landmark n°10. Casona Quezada
Landmark n°10. Casona Quezada

The estate known as Casona Quezada López is a tourist route, located in Isla de Maipo.

Casona Quezada now belongs to Don Claudio Quezada, great grandson of the first mayor of the municipality of Isla de Maipo, Don David López Vásquez. It dates from 1875 and its interior retains the period furniture inherited by the family, inviting visitors to stroll through its facilities and gaze upon its colonial architecture and gardens that bring the past into modern times.

This heritage house was built in 1875. The very characteristic lanterns of the XIX century colonial architecture are preserved in its façade. Period furniture such as couches, chairs and a large dining table are also maintained and they still keep the name and generation of those who acquired them. Originally, the property occupied more than two blocks and worked as a school for girls and as police headquarters.


In the remains of the original property there is a dungeon that served as a detention center in the times of the dictatorship.

Hours:  Call 2 hours ahead of time to schedule a visit.

Admission:  $2,000 per person for a 30 minute tour around the house and the history of the place.

Address: Santelices 13. Isla de Maipo, R.M.

Contact: Carolina Moraga:  +56-9-9039-5953

Services: No access for people with reduced mobility, no adapted toilets.

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