Landmark 3. Club de la Unión (Union Club)

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Landmark 3. Club de la Unión (Union Club)

Landmark 3. Club de la Unión (Union Club)
Landmark 3. Club de la Unión (Union Club)

From colonial times, it has been a place for friends to chat and debate. With the advent of independence, political meetings in this building became more frequent.

The lack of a place where you could discuss political issues (liberal and conservative) was the catalyst for the idea of creating a space for tolerance and understanding of men of different currents: The Union Club, inaugurated on July 1864. To this day, generations of prominent businessmen, industrialists, professionals, politicians and diplomats discuss important national and international events together in this building.

The current building is marked by a French neoclassical style and was built under the direction of architect Alberto Cruz Montt between 1916 and 1925.

Its rooms and decorations are a living example of the opulence of those times, becoming one of the most beautiful buildings in all of Santiago. On the walls of the building you can find paintings by renowned Chilean artists like Pedro Lira, Alberto Valenzuela Llanos, Pedro Subercaseaux and Álvaro Casanova.

Today it is used for different events and is almost an obligatory scene for major diplomatic meetings, official banquets and exclusive social events.

It was declared a historical monument in 1981, for its architectural value. 


In 2006, Club de La Unión has accepted its first female member, leaving behind a 142-year-old tradition of male exclusivity. 

Address: Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 1091 

Admission: The access to the building is for members only. The tour includes only the façade of the building.

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