Landmark 6. Iglesia de las Carmelitas (Carmelitas Church)

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Landmark n°6. Iglesia de las Carmelitas (Carmelitas Church)

Landmark n°6. Iglesia de las Carmelitas (Carmelitas Church)
Landmark n°6. Iglesia de las Carmelitas (Carmelitas Church)

Known as the Church of “The Carmelites”, although the official name of this church is “Parroquia del niño Jesús de Praga” (Parish of the Infant Jesus of Prague), this building is notable for its hexagonal tower and Neo Gothic style and is one of the few buildings of this kind that can be found in Santiago because they are not very resistant to earthquakes. It belongs to the congregation of “Carmelitas descalzas” (Discalced Carmelites) and became famous at the beginning of the XX century when a miracle took place at the old temple.

Mrs. Rosa Fernández de Ruiz Tagle (aunt of Saint Teresa de Los Andes), who suffered from a problem in her leg that forced her to use an orthopedic boot, after visiting several doctors, goes to the church to ask for the miracle of healing. According to the story, after praying to the miraculous “Infant Jesus of Prague” she allegedly healed. From this point on, the church became famous and is now a place of pilgrimage. This is the reason why many influential people donated large amounts of money to build the present church that dates from 1916.


There are some legends that are told by the locals about this parish, like the alleged underground tunnels – underneath Independencia Avenue – that connect this building to the temple of San Rafael.

Address: Borgoño 1047 

Hours: Mondays through Sundays, 9:00 am to 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Services: Access for people with reduced mobility, bathrooms for visitors are not accessible.

You can ask the manager for the Wi-Fi password.

Photography allowed.

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