Landmark n°7 : Intendencia Metropolitana (Metropolitan City Hall)

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Landmark n°7. Intendencia Metropolitana (Metropolitan City Hall)

Landmark n°7. Intendencia Metropolitana (Metropolitan City Hall)
Landmark n°7. Intendencia Metropolitana (Metropolitan City Hall)

This building, that dazzles the public with its architectural richness, was a colonial style house owned by the Commander of the Royal French Navy, Don Juan Francisco Briand of Morandis, founded in 1902. Two years later, the land was purchased by conservative party leaders Joaquín Echeñique Gandarillas and Alberto González Errázuriz. The plans for the new French neoclassical style building were entrusted to architect Manuel Gómez Cifuentes.

It became the home of “Diario Ilustrado” (Illustrated Journal), named this way for the use of photography, and considered the most technologically advanced of the time. It was characterized for denouncing government corruption naming names.

In 1928, the government of President Carlos Ibáñez bought the building to turn it into the headquarters of the City Hall of Santiago. The idea was to build a civic neighborhood around La Moneda Palace.

Until this day, this building is home to the Metropolitan City Hall. It has five floors and underground facilities. The clock bell, even though is about 100 years old, remains in perfect condition. Inside you can find a large octagonal lobby with colorful stained-glass windows. A real beauty that dazzles all visitors.

It was declared National Monument in 1976 to protect the architectural elements of the building. 


Morandé street is named after the commander of the Royal French Navy Don Juan Francisco Briand of Morandis. His name was difficult to write, so it was modified to be written the same way it is pronounced: Morandé.

Address: Morandé 93 

Admission : The doors are open for visitors, who must identify themselves at the main entrance.

Mondays through Fridays, you can visit only the second floor from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

For guided tours, call +56-2-2676-5817. 

Services :Access for people with reduced mobility and adapted toilets.

Photography only allowed outside and on the second floor.

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