Landmark n°7. Pérgolas (Arbors)

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Landmark n°7. Pérgolas (Arbors)

Landmark n°7. Pérgolas (Arbors)
Landmark n°7. Pérgolas (Arbors)

This flower market was born at the dawn of the XX century, when informal vendors started selling flowers outside the church of San Francisco. This was true until the mayor Urzúa gave them permission to settle in a more orderly manner with precarious establishments. It was not until 1927 that a more solid construction was built. This remained this way until 1948, when a proposed expansion of the Alameda, Santiago’s main avenue, made them move to their current location, right next to the Tirso de Molina Market.

The current building dates from 2005, when the highway “Costanera Norte” was built. During this time, the area had to be established in a more orderly fashion and this is how an opportunity to improve and modernize the then very precarious facilities was born.


This place is so characteristic, it inspired the famous Chilean musical “La Pérgola de las Flores” in 1960. 

Address: Av. Paz 50 

Admission Free 

Opening hours: Mondays through Sundays, 7:30 am to 12:00 a.m.

Services: Access for people with reduced mobility and adapted toilets.

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