Landmark n°9 : Banco Central de Chile (Central Bank of Chile)

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Landmark n°9. Banco Central de Chile (Central Bank of Chile)

Landmark n°9. Banco Central de Chile (Central Bank of Chile)
Landmark n°9. Banco Central de Chile (Central Bank of Chile)

This huge building occupies an entire block between the streets Ahumada, Huérfanos, Estado and Agustinas. This land used to belong to the Archbishop of Santiago and later to Joaquín Larraín Gandarillas, who sold the land to the Bank in 1909.

Construction was commissioned to architect Alberto Siegel Lubbe in 1921, who designed an imposing neoclassical building, which features a central dome, marble staircases and spacious halls, designed to attract public attention. The official opening was in 1926, replacing the building set in Huérfanos street, which until then had been the headquarters of the bank.

The new building was listed at that time by the Illustrated Journal as “a palace that represents an architectural pride for the city”. Inside we can find the Numismatic Museum located in the first-floor hall, which retains a representative collection of coins and banknotes of different times. On March 10, 2016, it was declared a historic monument because it represents a period of growth and consolidation of public office in downtown Santiago.


The Central Bank of Chile was the first central bank of South America to incorporate polymer banknotes with an inclusive format.

Address: Agustinas 1180

Numismatic Museum

Admission : Free

Hours: Open to the public, Mondays through Fridays, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Contact: For guided tours, contact

Services: Access for people with reduced mobility. NO adapted toilets.

Photography allowed.

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